1920s Kodak 9A Century Studio Camera

The other day I was browsing through an antique store in downtown Columbus and under all kinds of crap, wedged way in the back was an old wooden camera. I contemplated getting it but instead went back home to do some research to see if it was worth the price. I couldn't really find too much info on it other then it was called a Studio Camera. I loved the way it looked and went back today to have the shop owner hoist it up so I could go over it. The camera is made of either Cherry or Mahogany and the craftsmanship is impressive, I was also impressed that the camera was still in good condition. There was a tag hanging from it that read "Used in a photo shop at Niagara Falls to take photos of visitors." I figured what the hell, it looks cool and would be an awesome addition to my growing camera collection.

When I got it home, it took me a few hours to clean it up. I didn't want to get it too perfect using pledge or polish on it as it would loose that patina. The bellows (the accordion looking thing) is in good condition without light leaks and it even came with a second adapter for Polaroid film.

After a little more digging I found that the camera was made between 1907-26 but no way of knowing for sure the actually year. I'm now after a matching stand for it. The antique shop had one but it was 3 times the price of the camera so there was no way I was forking over that kind of cash for it.

[Love this brass plate on the front]

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