That time of the month

About once a month (or two) I get up enough motivation to actually clean and dust my apartment. I got so much stuff it takes for ever. Everything always "looks" clean. I've never been one for throwing stuff on the floor or leave the sink piled up. I just usually end up getting side tracked half way through and instead of cleaning I start rearranging furniture and never finish. But today, I got up early and decided that today was the day that I was going to get everything done in two hours. I didn't get side tracked this time so now I got the rest of the day to kill.

I really lucked out when I got my apartment. I was actually supposed to get a much smaller one but on move-in day they didn't have the smaller one available for me, or the next size up. All I had to say was "that's poor management" and I got the 3rd biggest one for the small size price. What's even better is they didn't raise my rent after my first year. I really do want to move into a new shinny condo, but it's so hard to move out knowing that I'm getting one hell of a deal.
My computer room with my Oakley collection.

The huge poster on the wall is always commented by pizza delivery boys. Soon as you open my apartment door, that's what you see. When I was taking graphic Design classes in college, one of our projects as a class was to calibrate on a topic. At the time, 9/11 just occurred so everyone (except me) wanted to do our project on war. All the students had complex and expensive designs. One kid even got a huge oil barrel and rapped it in barbed-wire which was very dangerous to say the least.

I've always been very competitive so I racked my brain trying to think of a way to out-do the class. Every-time I was turning on the TV all I would hear was negative comments and every channel was talking about war. I was sick of it. I decided to take the simple approach. I created a huge 4'x12' poster that was nothing but text all dealing with the negativity of war. The only positive word in the poster is Freedom to which the poster is named. I was the first one done and got the highest grade. It hung in the schools' art gallery for a month.
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