The quest for A&F

It's finally done. Today I completed my design portfolio for A&F. I've went back and fourth for a year on designs I should include and the layout. I have to say, it looks damn good, I'd hire me :) I have 11 pages of my designs. The very last page I decided to do an "about the artist" page, which after writing, I'm starting to think it should be my cover letter.


About the Artist

I've always been obsessed with three companies:

Apple Computer

Each has their own unique design and the highest qualities of materials are always used. As a designer, I strive for perfection and I want to represent a company that does the same.

Oakley was the first company to catch my attention back when I was still in high school. I read an article in Wired magazine that went into detail on how Oakley invented materials to use in their high-tech sunglasses and how the company was about design first and profit second. I started deconstructing and redesigning Oakley's Ad concepts. From there I started to develop an appreciation for design.

Next on the list is Abercrombie & Fitch. In high school I wore baggy clothing branded with the Nike symbol. I was quiet and kept to myself. In my first year of college I made the transition from baggy Nike to baggy A&F. After wearing A&F for a year or so I started to notice a change in myself. I became more confident and started to feel like one of the "beautiful" people in the catalogs. My self esteem was boosted and the baggyness transitioned into tight fitting shirts. I collected the controversial catalogs and loved the edginess of the tee-shirt designs. Here is a company that is about pushing the envelope and not afraid of the outcome. I moved to Columbus keeping in the back of my mind that the A&F HQ was located there and hopefully one day I would get to work for the company that helped shape the person I am today.

Lastly, Apple Computer. Being an IT major in college, I was unexposed to the "other" computer. PC people are closed minded about Apple Computers because they are unfamiliar with the OS. It wasn't until I picked the minor of Graphic Design that I was exposed to the Mac platform. My opinion quickly changed and I began to appreciate the ease of use and the stability of the system. After moving to Columbus I got hired at Apple Computer in Easton. I became obsessed on "switching" PC users. It usually only takes a few minutes for a diehard Windows user to be surprised how simple and elegant our computers are.

After a short time with Apple, I was promoted to the store's Visual Manager. Being in charge of the look and feel of the store is amazing. I've been exposed to Apples design techniques which has helped me to realize the importance of "less is more." Being the stores Visual Manager can also be very frustrating at times. I have strong opinions of the designs and how they may look good in a "test" store but are not practical in the real world. For example, observing how customers actually interact with fixtures and displays are usually overlooked by the design team at corporate.

I have a strong passion for design and these three companies are an asset to the design world. I feel privileged for currently working for one of the listed. Being a Graphic Designer for Abercrombie & Fitch has morphed from a dream to an obsession. Each time an A&F employee comes into Apple to get their discount, I always ask how is it to work for them and each time they get a big smile and say "it's an amazing experience."

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