New Townhouse...maybe

Jer and I decided it's time to stop throwing money away on rent and actually buy a townhouse. We found an awesome one in New Albany (just outside Columbus and only 5min away from A&F HQ where I'm trying to get a design job).

It's 1600 square feet, with a 2 car garage for 150K. Not a bad price for the location but we're finding out all the taxes are going to kill us. We need to come up with a down payment of 30K for us to be able to afford the monthly payment. My aunt offered to give me 10K but that wont do anything for us. My mind is going so fast right now. If we stay in our current apartment for another year, we will have wasted 28K on rent over 3 years. Actually having a mortgage seems like you're building something with your life instead of just wasting it. 

I need some advice. Anyone have any experiences with condos or townhouses? Good, bad?

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