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Today I'm finally getting around to a printing project that I've been putting off for months. Back in the spring I did a barter with a artiest friend. The agreement was I would photography, print and mat a series of Tiny Planets of his parents farm in exchange for a custom painting (he sells them for lots of $$$). I'm printing a total of 16 and while loading up my printer I thought to myself what a n amazing printer it's been. About 5 years ago I bought a Canon i9900 large format printer that does 13x19" prints using 8 ink tanks. The quality is perfect, colors are dead on to my computer screen and it's super efficient on the ink.

This also got me think what an kick-ass system I have set up. So I now share with you, my work space:

When I worked at Apple, we had a storage room with old window displays (notice some of the old Apple stuff in the images above). We were given the go ahead to trash everything in the room, so I asked my boss if I could have this light box. It use to have a sign in it that said iTunes 99¢ and my boss said I could have it as long as I got rid of the sign. This light box has two pieces of acrylic, one frosted and the other is clear. The iTunes sign was sandwiched between the two so it came out easy. When I got it home, I masked off an Apple logo and paint splatter and used acrylic paint for the red/orange. At the time, Apple was running an iTunes commercial with Eminem, this is where I got the idea.

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