2009 Highball Halloween

Here in Columbus on Halloween, the city shuts down part of High Street and has costume contest with a huge stage, guest judges (from Project Runway) and cash prizes; the show is properly titled Highball Halloween. This was the second year for it and 6 of use decided to coordinate our costumes and go as a vintage Night of the Living Dead Circus. Our cast: Mike went as the Strong Man, Nicki went as a Lion Tamer, Sharon was our ring master, Marcy was a fortune teller, Jer & I were clowns. Sharon and I spent 4hrs doing everyones makeup, not bad for never painting faces before. We got stopped ever few feet for photo ops, and we managed to get in the finals for the custom contest, only to be beat out by the Devil who one $1,000. My past Halloweens never came close to anything this elaborate, definitely a great time!!

For the most part these images are unedited, shot with the amazing 50mm lens.

getting ready

me :)

our Macs are never too far away

Marcy and I

Our Ring Master!

Lion Tamer

Mayor of Columbus

One of the Project Runway Judges, I never watch the show so I don't know her name.

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