Print-On-Demand with MagCloud

I recently stumbled across a great online print solution called MagCloud where you upload a PDF of a magazine layout, and magcloud will do a print-on-demand for you....cheep. At 20¢ per page, full bleed, in color, high quality and saddle stitch bound, the results are impressive. You can create the layout in any desktop publishing software such as Quark, InDesign, Pages, Word, etc. MagCloud even gives you templates to start with, making the layout process a cinch. The best part? Not only is this service free to signup for, but after you upload the PDF, you can set a markup and actually sell your magazine on their website! For each PDF you upload, you can request a free proof (just pay $1.90 for shipping) which takes less then 5 days to receive. Everyone I show the 40 page proof to is blown away when I tell them the cost is $8. What's the catch? The Number of pages has to be a multiple of 4, can't print more then 100 pages, only one size of 8.5x11, but big deal right?

I have several other magazines I'm working on, including one of Polaroids.

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