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I've been spending all of my free time getting images ready to print. I have so much photography it's time I try to get my work in a gallery and get my name out there. I'm focusing on doing a series of the "tiny planets." After doing some research, I found out that the ones I created were done incorrectly. There's another method to creating them that makes them look way better then what I've been doing, the only problem is photoshop wont do it, so I have to learn a few other programs that will do the correct merges.
Take a look at Gadl's flicker images. Notice how it looks like you're actually looking down on the planet and there is no vanishing point in the center like the ones I've been creating.

This is a equirectangular panorama that I'm trying to figure out how to create, photoshop won't do it.

The final image is called a stereographic projection converted from an equirectangular one. This process is a LOT more involved then the way I was doing it.

My past tiny planets were compiled of around 25 images, the correct way is to merge around 70-80 so I have some work to do.
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