Canceling my Sprint Contract

So let me tell you about the drama I've been going through the last week with Sprint.

Jer and I recently got iPhones so I had to cancel our family plan with Sprint. Now I realized all along that there was going to be a termination fee and I was willing to pay it with no problem. However, when we signed a new contract last year, we asked the sales guy how much it was going to be and he told us it didn't matter how many phones you had under the family plan, that there was one fee of $200 to cancel. We thought this was a good deal so we added his mother to our account for an extra $9 a month.

Now we always had trouble with dropped calls and weird things with voice mail not arriving till days later, but it wasn't really that big of a deal to call and complain only because we don't use the phones that much.

So we get the iPhones, and we were smart enough not to port our old numbers over to AT&T. I call Sprint and they tell me it's $200 per phone to cancel. Well I went off the deep end. I called back countless times always getting bounced to retentions. Most of the people I talked to blamed me for not reading the contract, but then I would turn it back around on them saying that they wouldn't even trust one of their own employees (i.e. the guy that sold us the phones)?

I started to get really pissed and started telling them scenarios that I would do to them so they would just drop me, for example:

In my current contract I have unlimited roaming and mobile to mobile. Sprint "has the right to terminate the contract if you use more then 800 minutes a month." so I told them that I would manually put two of the phones so they were on constant roam then use one to call the other and leave them plugged in and on for 24/7, racking up the roaming minutes which Sprint has to foot the bill for. When I told that to Kim (one of the supervisors in retentions), she got vary irritated saying how that cost Sprint a lot of money and that I can't do that. I told her that it says nowhere in the contract that I CAN'T do that and she didn't know what to say.

I also caught most of them not even knowing their own terms and conditions. At one point I had to actually read a paragraph from the contract and tell the lady where it was so she can review it (that was the night I was on the phone with them for 3 hours, all wile in roam).

(The contract all layed out. Shot with my new iPhone while I was on hold with Sprint when they were checking to read the terms and conditions about the roaming charges)

I was in lawyer mode and had the contract all sprawled out and areas highlighted with notes and I kept track of each of the peoples names and what they verified as being correct. Justin tried to tell me that I would get charged for anything over 50% of the minutes while in roaming even tho my contract said it was unlimited. He told me that the contract tells me this but he couldn't tell me where it actually was in the contract and he refused to pull up the contract on his computer and read it to me. At that point I told him that the day before a lady named Andrea (also working in retentions) told me it was unlimited with no exceptions and then I told him he didn't even know himself what the contract said. So I was catching them in a lot of conflicting stories.

Finally, today the saga ended. I realized that every-time I was on the phone then walked to the basement I would break up. So I called retentions, walked to the basement, the call broke up and the lady in retentions kept saying she couldn't hear/understand me. So I walked back up stairs and told her this happens all the time and that's why I'm trying to cancel and no one would help me. She felt bad and made me a deal.

She canceled two of the lines with no fee, then put the third phone on an emergency plan (which 7 out of the total 9 people I talked to claimed that no such plan existed). The emergency plan gives that line only 75 minutes a month for $15 for the remainder of my contract, which is a year. This works out great because I was willing to pay one $200 fee to cancel the contract, but now I pay $180 and have a year to do it.

Suck it Sprint.
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