Restaurant Connoisseur

Jer and I have an issue with cooking...we both hate doing it. Jer complains when I cook that I make too much of a mess and I never clean up to his specifications. I always complain that it takes Jer too long to get the food prepared and we end up eating around 10pm. So our daily dialog always ends up asking the question, "what we should do for dinner?" Jer will get frustrated because we spend way too much money on food but then he doesn't want me to make anything because he doesn't want to clean up my mess, so instead we always go out to eat. Rarely do we go to fast food. We like to sit and relax so were always going to some place where the bill ends up being around $45...almost every night of the week. We could be saving so much money if we would just cook something but who the hell wants to cook after working all day?

Tonight's restaurant: BJ's.
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