When I use to work for Apple, I was lucky enough to meet some very creative people and this is how I met Petersen Thomas. Petersen is an amazing abstract painter having his art in galleries all over the U.S. Last winter, when Petersen and I were in a show together, we decided to do a barter with each other. He wanted me to shoot some Tiny Planets of his parents farm, and in return he would paint what ever I wanted. My decision was quick, I wanted him to paint an abstract Bugatti. Painting images of cars is out of his realm of subjects, so I thought this would be perfect. Yesterday I met up with him and we headed to his parents house and I shot 8 Tiny Planets (I'll post in a few days) and he gave me the finished painting of the "Bobbugatti" which he was very proud of the name. The colors in this painting are amazin and he captured exactly what I wanted. This is my 3rd painting from Petersen having gotten the others on trade for creating his website and trading some photography.

Now the only problem is finding a place for the Dali.

The area of the Bugatti that Petersen painted

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