Long live my Mustang ...

I was a sophomore in college the summer of 2001 when I bought the Mustang. I had pestered my father all summer to let me buy one and working part time for a landscaping company, saving every penny for that car. Throughout high school, I was very quiet and kept to myself, the Mustang brought me out of my shell. It built my confidence and boosted my selfesteem (wierd huh?). The Mustang was my pride, my joy, my freedom. Almost every weekend, I was going someplace in that Mustang...just to drive and be one with the road. Looking back, and can't believe all the memories I've had with that car. I was going to be emotional to watch it go.

Then, yesterday, I get a call from my father. Instead of me traiding in the stang for my new BMW, dad is going to buy it off me for the trade in price. He wants to put the custom wheels back on, wax it, buff it, and detail it all out. He mentioned maybe keeping it saying "maybe some day you might want it back."

Out of any gesture my father has ever done for me, this by far, tops them all.

And now, my lil' pony in all her glory:

The stang sported these custom rims in the summer time. I had to wait 6 months for them to be made at $700 a piece plus the lowprifile tires. The Euro style taillights were on the car for two years before I put the original ones back on. Dad and I lowered her 2" shortly after I got her and we put a set of flowmasters on her to give her a deep voice :)

Now I can't wait to do a photo shoot of the BMW and the Mustang together, how awesome is that!?!
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