Second guessing my photo submission

I found an old Communication Arts Photography Annual from 2004 and I was reading how they do the judging and what their looking for ... I think I blew it with my entries.

In the '04 issue some of the judges comments were:

"It's time for photographers to step back from Photoshop. Just because you can make a perfect image doesn't mean you should. The heavy retouching created a lifeless illustrative quality in many of the entry images. This was found especially disturbing in location work."

"A number of great series were brought down by the inclusion of weaker pieces. I often found myself voting great work out because the entrants did not take the time to really consider what images they should be putting together."

I submitted a series (5 images) and called it "Rejected Memories." The series is judged as a whole, so if there is one weak image the series wont make it in this years issue. I'm second guessing my submission. Four of the images are industrial/run-down places and the tree seems out of place. Out of about 10,000 entries, only 150 will make it into the Aug '07 issue. I'm depressed.
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