I was off today and decided that after I got my hair cut, that I would go try to find some interesting places to photograph. I drove around for a few hours and found nothing. In those few hours, I drove through "Bangs" OH. I remember reading something about Bangs awhile back but couldn't recall what abandoned structure was there. Soon as I got home I hopped online and checked out Forgottenoh.com. Sure enough there was and abandoned building lurking in Bangs. It was an old poorhouse built in 1875. The building is 40,000 sf and at the time it ranked as one of the largest buildings in the country.

I mapped it and it was only 30min from where I live, so I got back in my car and headed to the poorhouse. When I got there, there were two trucks parked on the front lawn of the house. They soon left, but I wasn't about to go inside. I didn't know if there were alarms or if they were coming back soon.

I walked around and took some pictures. From what I've seen on other websites, I wasn't missing much by not getting inside.



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