New Addiction

I'm addicted to HGTV. Ever since my whole townhouse craze, I've been watching every home design show that's out there. I've become fascinated with Home Depot and Lowes and all the billions of options there are for customizing a home.

My father use to make me help him do all kinds of projects around the house and I use to HATE it. My weekends would be wasted installing wood flooring, hanging drywall, remodeling a bathroom and tons of other pointless things. When your a kid, all those things do seem pointless. But now that I'm getting my own place, I'm so glad that he made me help him. I want to do all the customizing of this place myself. It cost like $3 a square foot to hire someone to install wood floors! What a bunch of BS. I'm going to take a class at Home Depot and do it myself. I want to go out and buy power tools and wood screws and lumber. I want to build!! I spent my childhood building with Legos, I need to build with big boy toys.

I'm so excited. My new place is going to be off the hook, beyatch!!
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