Abandoned Knox County Poorhouse

Built in 1878, this 40,000sf, four story tall building was at the time one of the largest buildings in the country. In 1953 the poorhouse was shut down only be be revived by a bible college then in the 1990’s the old poorhouse turned into the House of Nightmares were it was a hunted house one month out of the year. In the early 2000’s the hunted house was moved to a location in columbus because of the house being in disrepair.

The first time I visited the house there were some workmen outside, my guess is they use it for storage. During my second visit, the back doors were wide open so getting inside was not a problem. The right wing is totally collapsed inside to the point where any renovation is impossible. I was surprised to find very little vandalism throughout the building. One odd thing, in the top left wing, the smoke detector was going off very softly, however there was no electricity in the building.

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