Neglecting the Analog World

On a business trip a few weeks ago I did something I haven't done in years, I actually read a magazine. I've been so in-tune with drowning myself in the internet instead of reading a physical, analog periodical. Information is fed to me by way of videos and interactive media or better yet, cute diagrams that can basically sum up much of todays articles since everything seems to have a flow chart representing the idea which is being conveyed. All of this technology is contributing to rotting the part of my brain that use to take advantage of traditional media.

The magazine in choice was Wired, and like all the other issues, the current one consists of how to improve your life by means of digital technology and interacting with "virtual" friends rather then putting forth the effort of face to face rejection by your peers. A small part of me wants to revive the antique means of information intake while the other part can't wait for the iPad to fuel my digital needs.
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