Awesome iPhone Dock - AirCurve

Over the weekend I upgraded my first generation iPhone to the new 3Gs. The only accessory I have for my iPhone is a dock that I keep on my night stand for when I use my phone as an alarm. Well, like all things Apple, the old accessories aren't compatible and I wasn't about to spend $29 on a stupid piece of plastic just to hold my phone. After some hunting I found the perfect solution, the Griffin AirCurve. Based on the way sound travels through a horn, the AirCurve amplifies the iPhones sound all while looking cool as hell being made out of thick acrylic. I found it on Amazon for $15 and it's worth ever penny.

After experiencing how cool this is, I now need to hunt down an old gramophone to play all the old vinyl I have laying around. I'm all about retro all of a sudden.
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