Chicago business trip

Last week I was only back from vacation a day before I had to hop a plane and head to Chicago on a business trip. The whole time I was on vacation I was dreading the trip because I had to give a presentation and also I didn't even have time to collect my thoughts. The conference consisted of 35+ attorneys and even tho I'm not an attorney, I was summoned because I'm the "Director of Technology" for our firm and my boss wanted me to give a presentation on platform independence and cloud computing for the the other attorneys.

Looking back on it, Chicago was very cool. When I arrived on Thursday evening, all the attorneys (except my boss, because he decided to drive and was late) got together and we went on a architectural boat ride around Chicago. On Friday, when it was my turn to present, I totally kicked ass (even without practicing). All the attorneys were impressed and a bunch later told me they really enjoyed my talk. After the conference was over for the day on Friday, we all went to Gino's Pizza and Saturday it was the Brazilian steak house and Blue Man Group. Chicago is a beautiful city I'm already thinking about a long weekend in the fall and flying back.

Me at the Brazilian Steak House (which in itself was worth the trip). They have 14 different kinds of meat and these guys come around and carve off as much as you want. It was a total meat-a-palooza!
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