3D Photography

Fuji Film announced yesterday that they will be producing the first three dimensional camera without the need to wear special 3D glasses. This got me instantly excited and I just had to see some samples. Turns out, I had a bunch of 3D images all along I just never knew it. Most photographers take multiple shots of the same thing to ensure at least one of those shots will be in perfect focus with all the correct lighting. Now usually I trash the shots that didn't quite make it and just keep the best one. However, if you take two of the shots that are very similar and place them side by side you can usually see a 3D image. You trick your eyes kinda like those old magic eye images.

All the photos here are 3D: that is, you should face the screen, cross your eyes until you see a 3rd image. Focus (eyes still crossed) on the middle image: that's the 3D one! The first time you really have to work at it, make sure you're about 2 feet from the computer screen, but once you get it you'll be able to see them all in 3D. I'm so glad I discovered this technique, can't wait to photograph my California trip in 3D! Be sure to click on the images to make em bigger.

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