How to display your old Polaroids

If you're a reader of my blog you'll know that I recently became obsessed with Polaroid photography. I've been keeping them in plastic boxes that I found at the Container Store for $1.50. I'd get them out every once and a while and look through them, but then I though there has to be a better way of displaying my retro images. I headed over to Target and bought two large poster frames and also picked up some photo corners at a local scrap-booking store. Using one of the plexiglass sheets from the frames, I lined up and stuck the Polaroids on it, then laid the other plexiglass sheet on top so the images were sandwiched in between. I did this because I wanted the Polaroids to look like they were floating. The frame fits 42 Polaroids and since I used photo corners, the images are easily swappable.

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