DIY: Mini Moss Ecosystem

Back in December I posted about a few moss terrariums I made after seeing an expensive one online. These two little ecosystems are thriving with very little care. Every two weeks or so I mist with a spray bottle, sometimes I'll turn them so they get better light, but I'm amazed how some moss that I scraped off a rock at the park can be doing so well. Hopefully I won't kill these guys like I so commonly do after a few months.

To make your own:
1. Target sells the glass cookie jars for $10-20. I like using cookie jars because they have the glass tops and a rubber seal.

2. Go to the park and look for moss covered rocks on walking trails. The moss will peal right off. Put in a large zip-lock bag. Try to get at least 4 different varieties to mix in the jars.

3. Add rocks to the bottom of the jars to allow for drainage. Fill a few inches with dirt (any dirt will do). Make the dirt uneven, little dips and valleys make for a better terrarium.

4. Place the moss in the jars. You don't have to "plant" the moss, simply laying it on top of the dirt will do.

In the large terrarium I added a branch, a rock, and a LEGO horse, however once the moss starts growing, it will cover up objects you may have placed in the jar. I also added rubber bumpers on the bottom of the jars so they don't slide around.

So there you have it, for under $20 you can have a cool Ecosystem moss terrarium.


UPDATE: I was in the mood to do a few more today. The tall one is now my favorite, and is an open top so we'll see how many little pest I get buzzin around. The small one I made for my BFF, Jessie, features a venus fly trap. Also, a great resource on how to take care of your terrarium if you decide to make one: The Fern and Mossery

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