My new Canon 50D

I ordered the new Canon 50D last week from Beach Camera. The body was $1200, no tax or shipping fees and I got a free 4GB card. I had the camera shipped to where I work and when it came yesterday, I was in mid sentence with someone when Rob, our inventory guy, came out to the floor to give it to me. I quickly grabbed the nearest sharp object and started plowing my way into the box. I can't believe what a difference the 50D is to my Rebel. Every image shot with the 50D is amazing and I only have to do very minor adjustments in Aperture. I was glad to see that the 50D battery was the same as my Rebel so now I don't have to spent $60 on an extra one. I wish it was a lot warmer out, so for now it's just taking pictures around the house in poor lighting. Below are a few images, all I did was add a vignette to them. I know they're not exciting, but more will come very soon.

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