New Toys

Jessie came to work the other day with a Polaroid camera that she bought at a thrift store for $1 and I never realized how cool the images are. Maybe it's because I've become accustom to super sharp and saturated digital images, but the Polaroid is a nice change. Today at work she was taking pictures with it and I just had to have one. So tonight when I got home I made the trip to a thrift store (which I had never been in one) to hunt for my own Polaroid. I was very shocked to not only find what I was looking for, but also a vintage Ansco Speedex from the 50's. I only spent $11 for both cameras, however the film for the Polaroid is $16 and amazingly enough still available at Target even tho it's been discontinued. I'm taking this little gem on vacation in two weeks to get some "vintage" shots :)

Photo of Jess and I today by the fountain

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