Oakley Collection

I was photographing my computer room the other day and doing some close up shots of my Oakley display cases and realized that I haven't posted about Oakley in a while, in fact I don't think I ever posted about my collection.

Back in 1999 I read the article "Supreme O" in Wired magazine about the sunglass company Oakley that started my obsession. The company prides itself on innovation & quality. Their designs are copied and envied over other sunglass companies. What really got my attention was Oakleys attention to detail and how they nitpick over details smaller than five-thousandths of an inch. Oakley has over 450+ patents and using materials like Titanium, Plutonite, Iridium, X Metal just to name a few.

In the spring of 2005, I started a fan site called OaklyeIcon.com named after their apparel line. By the winter I was contacted by Oakley who wanted to purchase the domain from me. At the time I really wanted to work as a designer for the company. I thought if I asked a lot of money for the domain I would kill any chances of working for them. I ended up selling the domain for $300, (which looking back makes me nauseous) and never hearing from them as a job opportunity. I started up another fan site (O-Desktops.com) that I have yet to hear from them on.
My current collection consists of 15 pairs of Oakleys. Most were bought from 2000-2003 when Oakley was doing their most radical designs (9 are discontinued) and 4 watches including Time Tank and Time Bomb.

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