LEGO Planter (updated)

A few days ago I posted about Park Planters which cost a steep $150. Well today I was browsing around Smith & Hawken on my lunch break and found the little air fern that was included in the $150 wallet rape. The fern only cost $5 so I decided to just build my own planter out of the the best building materials known to man, LEGOs. (The plant is actually in it's own pot inside the structure).

I just got an email from telling me how much they loved my Lego Planter (how cool is that?!) and they will be retailing the original Park Planters for $100 not $150. They have some different designs then the original Science&Sons site. Their site has a lot of cool stuff on it so be sure to check it out.

/\ mine vs. theirs \/


I made another one...

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