Gallery Hop

The first Saturday of each month in Columbus we have a gallery hop where all the shops and galleries are open late and local artist show their work. One of my talented friends had her work in one of the galleries so we went to support her and see her latest projects. After, we went to a new restaurant called Marcella's where our friend Jordy bar tends.

The place was packed as always. Jer and I were hanging out by the bar waiting to get a seat when we started to notice something. There were two older guys (30-40's) sitting with two attractive mid 20's girls. After awhile we realized that the guys just picked up these girls. The guys were very arrogant and at one point questioned Jer about the saying on his shirt, which was awkward. Anyway, the one guy goes to the bathroom (kinda just pushing Jer and I out of the way) and the other guy starts chatting it up with the blond the bathroom guy was with.

When bathroom boy comes back the other guy moves down the line to the blonds friend. At that point the girl asked where his wife was, and he tells her he's on a business trip and the wife is at home. These scum-bag guys flirted, groped and lied to these girls all night. Jer and I were so pissed that these guys probably have great wives at home and their out behind their backs. I so hope those girls had enough sense to get the guys addresses and notify their wives. Sorry for the rant, it just pissed me off.

My girl Jordy :)
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