Vacation Summary

This was by far the most enjoyable vacation. The weather was perfect. I took an obscene amount of pictures (the best ones will be on I visited Nassau, St. Thomas, & St. Maarten, all were great but St. Maarten gave me the best photos. Ok, so here's the best part, while on the cruse I attended an art auction. I bought (drum roll) a Salvador Dali and a Petter Max.

The Dali is a signed lithograph from Destino which was the collaboration of Walt Disney and Dali in the early '40s.

The Peter Max (think Andy Warhol) is an original which I bought with intentions of reselling for a profit. I also bought 5 other artiest but those two are the best of the bunch. I'll be receiving them within 4-6 weeks and will do a huge post on the Dali, Max and the other artiest once I get them.

Below you will find some of the images from the cruise, move can be found in the web gallery (found in the right side bar) and the best ones on and Flickr. Hope you like :)

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