Why I rarely watch TV

What the hell is up with the media lately? First off, how bad do you feel for poor Alec Baldwins daughter? Yeah, we have proof that he is a total asshole, but why the hell is the media in a frenzy about that damn message? On MSNBC the comment was made about all the torment that his daughter is probably getting in school from her friends hearing all this crap on TV. These are supposed to be respectable news stations. Where the hell are the networks morals? Why cant the media just refuse to cover this topic out of respect for that poor girl?

On a similar note, the shooting at the college. MSNBC went on and on about how parents are very upset that the network aired the tape left by the killer. And MSNBC acted like that in itself was "juicy." WTF!!!! These networks are so damn greedy they don't care who they hurt. There getting just as bad as gossip papers.

And second, who the hell cares that Rosie is leaving the View? I don't understand that shows like Cross Fire and all those other dumb ass programs are arguing over weather or not Barbara Walters was behind it. So what if she was, what the hell does any of this info prove. How is this helping us in everyday life? This is all pointless shit that nobody needs to know. If this is the type of crap that you "crave," you need serious help.
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