New bedroom

This past Friday I was very bored so I decided to rearrange the bedroom. There were exposed wires from the TV/DVD player/surround-sound that have been bugging me ever since we moved in. I spent a few hours arranging and getting very frustrated. All the other rooms in the house have new furniture except the bedroom. Jer finally had enough of me bitching about it so we went out yesterday and bought a new bedroom collection. We found an awesome one called" Plantation Cove."

I wanted to get the matching entertainment center but it was $2000 and Jer didn't like it, so we came up with a compromise. He let me get the china cabinet I've been wanting instead of the entertainment center. Nothing gets me more excited the new furniture!

We're getting everything in the picture. Plus I think I'm going to repaint the walls to a similar color.

I've been wanting this sucker from z-gallery for the past 4 years.
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