Laptop has a new brain

I finally got my laptop working again after a hard-drive crash (I take full responsibility for the crash as I was being a dumb ass and pushing the drive way over it's limit). Luckily I had backed everything up a few days earlier so all I really lost was a few Photoshop files and some system settings. If you haven't backed up in a while, don't you think now is as good a time as any?

I use a great little program called ChronoSync for my backups. It synchronizes my files to an external 500GB HD, my G5 and to a 60BG iPod (as I use my iPod as a main backup of my computer). What's really great about ChronoSync is I can make sure the files are actually on the external drive and I'm not relying on an incremental backup like some other utilities.

Here's my old HD. The little needle thing-a-majig got knocked out of whack. My attempts of trying to knock it back into place by slamming it repetitively on the table and manually moving the needle back on to the spinny thing, were unsuccessful. I was contemplating a little WD-40 but the technicians said NO.
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