buzz kill

Some facts before I get started:
1) it takes Jer 1.5-2hrs to get ready
2) it's 32 degrees in Columbus at night
3) When I'm hungry, I get cranky
4) crowded places tend to piss me off
5) I'm super short

let's begin.

Last night Jer and I decided to go out to dinner and then to a Bristol. Jer started getting ready around 6ish and we ended up leaving the house around 8:30 (see fact #1). We wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory. The wait was an hour, and I was hungry (see fact #3). After dinner, we headed to bristol (our new fav. bar). I got a few mojitos* in me and I was feeling good. Jer spent his time texting his friends to come out to the bar with us (since I wasn't entertaining enough ). Our one friend Adrian was out at Bar Lauie (about 15min away) and we decided to meet her and her friend there.

We then head to downtown and park in a parking deck. We get out and start walking.** After about 5min of walking, I ask Jer where the hell the bar is and he tells me it's up ahead (next to yet another parking deck). This pissed me off since we could have parked in a lot closer deck, so we headed back to the car (wasting time) so we could park in the other deck. Fine. So we repark closer to the bar. We find out that we had to wait inline(see fact #2) to get into Bar Louie. I'm without jacket,*** being bumped into, watching the snow fly, having to piss like a race horse, only to find out that Jer left his phone in the car so how the hell were we supposed to find Adrian?

Finally we get in. People are jammed in the bar like sardines.(see fact #4). I [attempt] to go to the restroom. There are tons of guys in there and the urinals are high (see fact #5). I walk out of the bathroom and wait to relocate Jer. We walk around trying to find our friend, but no luck. I get bumped and trampled on (see fact #5). I head to the car, Jer follows.

There is silence on the way home.

* I started drinking them after I seen Colin Farrell drinking them in Miami Vice.

** I don't wear jackets to a bar because I feel awkward

*** Waiting also pisses me off as I figure it's part of my life gone
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