Unexpected trip home

My father sent me this email on Friday:

".Bob,Check out Pic's! Police said : You're lucky to be alive! I had a little accident, it wasn't my fault, I was almost hit in a headon collision.   Love, Dad     P.S. Looks like Moms getting a new car, the insurance called this morning and said they totaled the car.   Bye for now,    Love ya  Dad !!!!!!!! Please be safe."

Of course after reading the email I was freaking out. I called him up to find out want happened and ended up going home for the weekend because I was a little shaken up by everything.

This sucks for my parents. Dad just retired a few months ago and ordered a new truck. A day after his accident, the truck came in and now they have to go out and buy my mother a new car as well.

Moms new Pontiac Torrant

Dads new Chevy Silverado
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