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A lot of people have been asking what kind of camera do I use. I have several, but I mostly use my Canon Rebel EOS 300D. I bought it 2 years ago for $800 and I use the lens it came with. It's 6.3mpxl with 180dpi output. Today you can get the same camera for around $200-300.

My other camera is a point-n-shoot, which is a Canon SD500. I have this one with me all the time. The quality is great for web or staying with a digital format. Print quality from the Rebel is amazing, the point-n-shoot is decent for average users. 

I also use Canon printers & scanners. I have the Canon i9900 that is large format (13" x 19") that does amazing quality. I use Aperture to organize all my images and PSD files. For those of you that don't use a Mac, this is what Aperture looks like:

Aperture preserve all the layers and adjustments that are done in Photoshop as well. I also use a tripod (a real tripod, not one of those pocket jobs) for lots of my shots. I shoot a lot of my images in HDR (that's the surreal effect most of my images have). If you plan on trying your own HDR shots, you MUST use a tripod. The HDRs are created by joining 3 exposures of the same image. One being way over exposed, one way under exposed and one that the camera says is right on. Using a program called Photomatix that will merge the exposures for me. I then take the rendered image to Photoshop where I enhance color and detail.

I by no means consider myself a professional photographer. Buying a 10K camera with all the bells and whistles doesn't mean shit if you don't know how to use it. Get to know your camera and buy the manual for it at a bookstore (the one that comes with cameras sucks). Hope this helps. Feel free to email me on any questions.
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