where is my mind

The past few nights I've been having very specific dreams. Last night I dreamt I was up in Cleveland taking pictures of buildings. I got pissed in my dream because there was too much blur in one of the pictures and I even remember the shutter speed that I was experimenting with.

The night before I dreamt that I was being chased by one of my friends (who was an FBI agent) and I ran in to an abandoned factory. The inside was very brightly colored with a lot of glowing orange lights. The outside was very art deco with lots of metal and chrome. The surrounding structures were just skeletons of buildings. There were a lot of rusty steal beams jutting out everywhere and there were homeless people living up in the very tops of the abandoned construction.

Last week I dreamt I was living in a crappy apartment right on the beach in the middle of paradise. The apartment was 400sf and had white concrete block walls with turquoise trim. The floors were all rotted from the rain that poured in from all the huge holes in the roof.

I also had a recent dream that I was in yet another abandoned factory this time one that use to deal with propane. Again people were chasing me and when they ended up catching me, they pinned me down and injected the left over propane into my blood stream with these huge syringes that were about a foot long.

I have no clue what any of these dreams mean. I do know I'm super stressed out with work and I need a vacation.
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