New phone

I'm super big on electronics/gadagets/shiny things. Surprisingly tho, I could care less about what kind of cell phone I have...that is, until now.

Jer and I are on a cell phone plan together. He has always been up-to-date on the latest cool little phone, I on the other hand just got the freebe and really dont't care what it looks like. Having a free phone has one major down side, THEY SUCK. The phone dies all the time. Drops calls. Takes forever to dial.

Last night I had it. I complained enough to Jer that he took me to the Sprint store to get what ever one I wanted. All I really cared about was having a phone without the stupid antenna and I wanted bluetooth since my laptop has it and I wanted to sync all my shit.

(I knew this was the phone for me because my birthday is the date in all the ads)

I...actually, WE, got the new Samsung A640. Jer pouts when he can't have the same toys as me so we had to trade in his year old phone for a new one. So far the phone itself is awesome. I can't get the bluetooth to sync with my laptop because the phone is too new and there isn't a syncing program that supports it yet.... unless anyone out there knows a good syncing program for mac (besides isync, cuz it dont work).
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