Vice City

Last night I dragged Jer to see Miami Vice. The movie was 2.5hr and could have been summed up in half that time. There was a killer (no pun intended) shoot out at the end and I kinda got all emotional when the pretty BMW got custom bullet holes along the side. Jamie Foxx did some awesome acting, Colin...well, he had sexy hair.

You know the trailer where their playing Numb by Linkin Park and driving all fast and looking super cool? I burned a CD with that song on it, made sure my stang was a gleamin', and jammed to that song to and from the movie theater (just like the trailer). Jer wasn't feeling it and kept turning down the volume and asked if there were other songs on the CD. He's just not as pimp (or as much of a dork) as me.

We're off to Cambridge (3 hours away) today to see if we won a car. Jer entered some contest and we ended up winning one of 5 keys to start a Jeep or 25K. They said that even if we don't win the money or car, that we will get some nice prizes. A few of the prizes are a 35mm camera from some brand I never heard of and a huge TV that is also brand retarded. I so know that's what were coming back with.
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