got my negatives!!

I finally got my Holga negatives developed yesterday after a month of having the film sitting on my desk. This was my first time using medium format film, so it came out kinda crappy. But I understand my mistakes so the next ones should be kick ass. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, a Holga is a totally manual medium format camera. Since it's all manual, you have the flexibility of not advancing the film all the way and getting some amazing overlaps. I've spent years playing with photoshop and doing overlays, but actually doing it on film is a whole nother ball game. If you fuck up an exposure, the whole film can be ruined.

I use slid film, which actually looks like the print version (it's not an amber like 35mm film). The negatives are 30" of a continuous seen which I've mounted on plexi glass so it's easier to see. Now all I need to get is a slide scanner.
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