the big day

I get to finally close on my townhouse today. Wednesday I did my first walkthrough and there wasn't too much that needed fixed. Today I go back at 3:30 for the second walkthrough and to sign my life away. I'm way past the stage of being scared that every last dime will go to pay my mortgage, but it's worth it right? Since this is going to be the place where I'll be spending at least the next 10 years of my life, I don't want to be looking back in 3 years wishing I had got a bigger place to accommodate all my shit. This will be the only debt I have. All my credit cards and loans are paid off, so everything should balance out (fingers crossed).

*sigh* I will be spending the later part of the afternoon and the weekend painting every room (A freedom that I didn't possess at the apartment).

Later gators
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