signed my life away

Sorry for not posting frequently. My life has been nonstop. I submitted my portfolio to A&F on Wednesday. (I was shaking so bad just writing out the TO and From label you'd think I'd had Parkinson's.)

Then yesterday Jer and I signed our lives away to New Albany Park for a new townhouse. This place is so amazing. When we went to sign the contract we were told that there was one other model that they forgot about. We went and toured it and it blew us away. The outside is totally done but the inside is still under construction. We got to pick out our carpet and fixtures at no extra cost. It had a garage, a back fenced-in patio, finished basement with washer & dryer, stainless appliances in the kitchen, 2.5 baths, and it's way in the back away from the main road.

Now I'm experiencing all the crap with load applications, and rental history. It's very stressful but it will be so worth it. If everything goes through, we will move in May 1st.

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