Weekend Home

First some background info. I graduated from college in May of 04 and a month after I moved 3 hours south to Columbus. I can count on two hands how many times I've been back home since then. When I moved, I missed my parents for about a month then got over it. I was an only child and was always use to being/doing things by myself, so moving out was easy on me.

I never missed my old room, my friends, the perfect neighborhood. I knew if I stayed I would have never done anything with my life. All my friends still live there (most with their parents) and I didn't want to be like them.

One of the reasons why I rarely go home is because of my job demands. A month after I moved to Columbus, I got a job with Apple Computer where I am now the visual manager (visuals change a lot so I'm always at work). Another reason is I HATE the drive. Three hours of nothing but cows and fields, and forget trying to drive that at night. I almost start to doze 20min into the trip.

The trip home this time was better. I stopped off in a little town of Medina where I picked up another Oakley display case (yes.... I'm obsessed with Oakley). I had to rent an SUV to be able to hull the huge case so the drive home was like driving a new vehicle which is always exciting.

Arriving home, the parents immediately send me on a guilt trip. "We got new carpet ... 5 months ago .... you would know that if you came home more often." My old room was also re-carpeted along with some fresh paint. My old bed sits in the corner right next to my huge roll-top desk (which was way too heavy to move). Thats all thats in that room. I sat on my bed and gazed out the window thinking about playing in the front yard when I was a kid. I look down the street where my friend Tommy lives and remembered getting up at 9am and heading over his house to play Nintendo, jump on the trampoline, ride our bikes all over the place and cause trouble . . . I don't miss it at all.

When you live in the city for a few years then go back to suburbia, everything seems boring. There is nothing to do at home but watch what ever my dad has on TV. When I arrived Friday afternoon, dad showed me all the new toys he's boughten since the last time I was home. The digital/video/mp3 player camera (which he has no clue what mp3 is). Showed me the DVD recorder that can "record actual TV shows!!!" Wow, like I don't see that crap every day at work.

We go out to eat at a very expensive restaurant at 4:00pm (their not even in their 60s and their already eating early to beat the rush). We go home and start watching the first season of Desperate Housewives that I brought for my mom to get caught up on. We stay up till 1am watching (I can't remember the last time my mom was up that late, she's always in bed by 10).

Saturday was filled with visiting the grandparents followed by another dinner out. We got home and continued the Desperate Housewives marathon.

I got back to Columbus today around 3ish and reorganized my Oakley displays. Now I'm contemplating what to eat. *sigh*

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